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Will Service

It is very important that you make a will. A will is a legal document in which you state who you wish to settle your affairs once you have passed away and who you wish to benefit from your estate. Once you have a Will it is equally important to keep it under review.

As we go through different stages of life we need to ensure that our Will still does what we would wish it to do. Some changes that would trigger a review would be marriage, divorce, having children getting older and significant changes to our finances.

Main matters to consider when making a Will are as follows;

  • Who would you like to appoint as Executors – this should be a person or persons that you trust to carry out your wishes, it could be a family member or a professional member depending upon your circumstances
  • Do you need to appoint Guardians to look after your children?
  • Are there any tax issues or long term care needs that may need consideration?
  • Do you have a child or relative that you would like to provide for but a trust arrangement would be more beneficial so someone could manage this on their behalf

In the absence of a will your estate will be administered in accordance with the Statutory Rules of Intestacy. These may not fit with how you would have liked to distribute your estate. Family structures today can be complicated. The intestacy rules do not take this into account. They do not provide for couples that may live together but have not married or registered a civil partnership nor do they provide for step children. They do not take into account the people, organisations or charities that may fall outside family but are close to your heart.

Your will is bespoke to you and Waddington and Son we have the legal and technical expertise to guide you through your options.

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If you would like to talk to someone about making a will and what steps to take, then please contact Burnley 01282 426666, or Blackburn 01254 913203 or email enquiries@waddingtonandson.co.uk and one of our team will be only too willing to help you.

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