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Waddington & Son Pricing Structure

Criminal Matters - Summary Motoring Offences

With regard to summary only motoring offences under Part I of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and s89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Hourly rate £255 per hour for non-fixed fee matters.

Standard Guilty Plea for Summary Motoring offence fixed fee is £250 plus VAT.

Fee includes:


  • Obtaining Initial Details of Prosecution Case and considering and advising on the evidence
  • Taking your instructions
  • Speaking to Prosecution to agree basis of plea if required
  • Providing advice on law and likely sentence in accordance with appropriate guidelines
  • Obtaining any Pre Sentence Report obtained from the Probation Service and advising on the contents
  • Attendance and representation at a single hearing at the Magistrates Court

The fee does not include:

  • Instruction of any expert witnesses
  • Taking statements from any witnesses
  • Attendance at any further newton hearing
  • Advice and assistance in relation to a further special reasons hearing
  • Advice or assistance in relation to any appeal

The key stages of your matter are based on the presumption that you have entered a guilty plea and have a date for your hearing.

  • Meet with your solicitor to provide instructions on what happened
  • We will consider initial disclosure, and any other evidence and provide advice
  • We will explain the court procedure to you so you know what to expect on the day of your hearing, and the sentencing options available to the court
  • We will conduct any further preparatory work, obtain further instructions from you if necessary and answer any follow up queries you have
  • We cannot provide a timescale of when your hearing will take place, as this depends on the court listing for that day
  • We will attend court on the day and meet with you before going before the court. Be prepared to be in court all day Dependant on listing your case could be heard at any time in the day
  • We will discuss the outcome with you. If advice is required on appeal, this will carry an additional cost

Not Guilty Plea Summary Only Driving Offences - fixed fee £1000 plus VAT

Fee includes:


  • Obtaining Initial Details of Prosecution Case and considering and advising on the evidence
  • Taking your instructions
  • Advising on the Law and any potential defences
  • Attending initial case management hearing, completing case management form and arranging trial date
  • Obtaining full instructions
  • Obtaining witness details and statements
  • Attending any interim hearing
  • Representation through trial and any further hearing if necessary

The fee does not include:

  • Instruction of any expert witnesses
  • Any disbursements relating to expert witnesses
  • advice or assistance in relation to any appeal if required
  • Additional travel disbursements if the court hearing is outside of Burnley, Blackburn or Preston.

Matters will be conducted by one of our Solicitors who all have many years experience. Daniel Frazer who is a member of the Firm’s Senior Management Team and is Head of the Criminal Department who qualified in 2008. Nicholas Dearing who qualified in 1998 , Philip Turner who qualified in 1980, Geoffrey Ireland who qualified in 1979 and Stephen Scott who recently joined our team from the well-Established JWR Solicitors in Preston, who qualified in 1982.

All of our Solicitors Duty Accredited and Police Station Duty Accredited Solicitor.

Daniel Frazer and Nicholas Dearing also have Higher Rights Accreditation (Criminal).

Our Team are experienced in representing general crime matters including and not limited to theft, assault, drug matters, fraud matters, benefit fraud, serious violent crimes, sexual offence allegations.


For services relating to the collection and distribution of money, property and other assets belonging to one person following their death where these are within the UK and matters are not contested.

Probate hourly rate £195 plus VAT; quotes provided upon initial review of the estate.

Disbursements are costs payable to another organisation which are incurred by us as an agent for our clients in order to correctly administer the estate.

On a standard probate these may include an oath fee, typically @ £10 dependant upon the number of Executors and a Court issue fee of £155 together with additional costs of £1.50 for additional copies of the grant where required.

Applying for the grant, collecting and distributing the assets

We anticipate that a typical probate will take between and 12-16 hours work at £195 per hour, plus VAT, ie £2340-£3120, plus disbursements listed below.

The exact cost will depend on the individual circumstances of the matter.

We will handle the full process for you. This quote is for estates where:

  • There is a valid will
  • There is no more than one property
  • There are no more than 2 bank or building society accounts
  • There are no other intangible assets
  • There are 1-5 beneficiaries
  • There are no disputes between beneficiaries on division of assets. If disputes arise this is likely to lead to an increase in costs
  • There is no inheritance tax payable and the executors do not need to submit a full account to HMRC
  • There are no claims made against the estate

Disbursements to be considered as an addition to this fee:

  • Probate application fee of £273
  • Additional copies of letters of administration/grant of probate at £1.50 each
  • Possible £5 Swearing of the oath (per executor) plus £2 per exhibit
  • Bankruptcy search charge of £5 + VAT (per beneficiary)
  • S27 statutory notices (if required) est £250 - £350

We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Dealing with the affairs of someone who has died can take a long time. A typical probate can take between 9 and 12 months to conclude. It is not unusual for it to take up to twelve months, perhaps even longer if matters are not straightforward.

Potential additional costs

If there is no will or the estate consists of any share holdings (stocks and bonds) there are likely to be additional costs that could range significantly depending on the estate and how it is to be dealt with. We can give you a more accurate quote once we have considered the papers/assets within the estate.

If any additional copies of the grant are required, they will cost £1.50 (1 per asset usually). Dealing with the sale or transfer of any property in the estate is not included, quotes available.

As part of our service we will:

  • Provide you with a dedicated and experienced probate solicitor to work on your matter
  • Identify the legally appointed executors or administrators and beneficiaries
  • Accurately identify the type of Probate application you will require
  • Obtain the relevant documents required to make the application
  • Complete the Probate Application and the relevant HMRC forms
  • Draft a legal oath for you to swear
  • Make the application to the Probate Court on your behalf
  • Obtain the Probate and securely send two copies to you
  • Collect and distribute all assets in the estate

Applying for the grant alone

We also offer a fixed fee limited service for preparing the oath and form IHT 205 and thereafter, once sworn by you, applying for a grant, releasing the same upon receipt to the Executors/administrators to conclude the administration of the estate in their own right. If such a service is required, the Executors/Administrators must make initial enquires of institutions such as banks etc in their own right.

The fee in this regard is £550 plus VAT plus those disbursements listed above.

Full specific estimates can be obtained by contacting our office; existing clients may be entitled to a reduction on our standard rates in some cases.

Wills and Probate matters are conducted by a qualified lawyer with in excess of 10 years experience.

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Solicitors Burnley and Blackburn
Solicitors Burnley and Blackburn
Solicitors Burnley and Blackburn
Solicitors Burnley and Blackburn
Solicitors Burnley and Blackburn
Solicitors Burnley and Blackburn
Solicitors Burnley and Blackburn